teriyaki chicken pita quesadilla

Teriyaki chicken pita quesadilla
Teriyaki chicken pita quesadilla

Another fun and tastey dish I created in my kitchen..

The flavor of the teriyaki mixed with the pepper jack cheese and pita was just amazing


2 pita bread

1 chicken breast

1/4 cup teriyaki

4 slices of pepper jack cheese

Start by cooking your chicken.. dont add sauce tell it’s done.. (tends to water out the flavor) after cooking the chicken add the teriyaki sauce and simmer sauce down tell it thickens.. keep close eye not to burn sauce..

In second pan add 1 pita and 2 slices of cheese.. break apart and space out evenly around pita.

Cover at low heat and melt cheese

Add teriyaki chicken and remaining slices of cheese. Make sure to break apart and space.

Add pita bread to top and cover..

After a few minutes flip and finish cooking on low..

Remove and cut

Enjoy this fun and exciting dish


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