crispy Italian cod sandwich

Crispy Italian fish sandwich
Crispy Italian fish sandwich

A simple and easy cod sandwich to impress all your friends on a weekend food feast..

This cod was breaded in flour,garlic salt,and pepper. Then soaked in a beer batter before being covered with Italian bread crumbs..

The dressing was real basic.. tarter,tomatoe,onion,pickle and cheese..


1 pound fresh cod

1 box beer batter

1 pack Italian bread crumbs

1 teaspoon pepper

1 table spoon garlic salt

2 cups flour

Mix flour,pepper and garlic salt on a plate.. mix well and set aside

Mix beer batter in large bowl and set aside.. (mix roughly 3 cups worth)

Place 1/2 container of Italian crumbs on plate and leave the other half with lid off next to it for easy using..

Cut fish in to easy sandwich sizes.. (about 2×3) rinse in cold water and pat dry..

Time to bread some fish….

Place in flour mix and cover well..

Shake off before place in batter…

Cover in beer batter and lightly shake off and place in Italian crumbs.. use open crumbs to sprinkle on top so you don’t wipe off beer batter..

Time to fry… i get my fryer up to 375 and drop fish.. it don’t take long just a few minutes.. I wait tell my fish floats and pull it out..

Repeat tell all your fish is fried..

Hope you enjoy


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