jalapeño hashbrown Breakfast burrito

Jalapeño hashbrown Breakfast burrito
Jalapeño hashbrown Breakfastburrito 

A must try…

By simply laying my hashbrowns flat and adding cheese I created a shell from hashbrowns alone.. completely changing the way we enjoy our breakfast burritos..


4 cups hashbrowns

1 jalapeño pepper

2 table spoons vegetable oil

1 table spoon garlic salt

1 table spoon pepper

2 cups favorite shredded cheese

In large bowl Add hashbrowns,garlic salt,pepper,jalapeño and oil.. mix well

Take pan (size of a large flour shell) and place on stove. Add hashbrown mix and spread evenly. Turn stove on medium heat and cover with lid. Make sure to pay attention not to burn the hashbrowns.. slowly pull up corners to watch for browning..

Once browned spread cheese evenly across hashbrowns and cover with lid to melt cheese..

After cheese melts take large tin foil… (makes easy to wrap..

Add you favorite ingredients and wrap.. (use tin foil to help role



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