Mac Ruben


This was a crazy creation I thought about one night sitting at work..

Now this is a advanced dish.. but once you can figure out the mac and cheese it gets alot easier..

So I will be only explaining how I created these bun.. and there is a short video on my instagram and Facebook page @tymbussanich


pick out your favorite mac and cheese or make your own..

Add 1 1/2 cups of shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese depending on the mac you picked to make.

Shredded cheese helps the mac to hold when shaping..

On a large baking pan lay tin foil to keep from sticking.. you can either shape in round buns or squares..

Make about 3/4 inch thick

After shaping or molding place in freezer and freeze about 2 hours.. this helps mac to stick together while breading..

I use flour,beer batter and Panko crumbs to bread my mac.. you can use your favorite recipe if you chose.

After breading and frying your ready to make your sandwich



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