breakfast sushi

Breakfast sushi
Breakfast sushi

A fun and new idea to re-create sushi

It was a pretty simple dish to make

So let’s just get to it!


10 pieces of bacon

2 cups tater tots

1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese

1 jalapeño pepper

2 eggs

3 tooth picks

3 bbq sticks

Tin foil

Take tater tots, jalapeño pepper,and eggs and mix in bowl ( Cut jalapeño small)

Lay large piece of tin foil on counter.

Make a bacon weave. Drive long bbq sticks on each end to keep bacon from pulling apart.

Spread tot mixture over bacon evenly.

Spread cheese evenly..

Leave one end of bacon weave blank ( about 2 inches)

With the help of the tin foil wrap breakfast sushi..

Use the 3 remaining tooth picks to hold the 3 pieces of bacon together so they don’t pull apart while cooking

Place on baking sheet and remove tin foil..

I cook mine at 375 for 45 minutes  (or tell bacon is fully cooked)

Take out of oven and slice..


47 thoughts on “breakfast sushi

  1. This looks great! Is that raw eggs, raw bacon I assume, frozen then defrosted uncooked tots, fresh jalapenos and could you elaborate on “Drive love bbq sticks on each end to keep bacon from pulling apart.”

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      1. *and could you elaborate on “Drive love bbq sticks on each end to keep bacon from pulling apart.”*


  2. This looks amazing.How many people do you think it feeds? I have a family of 9 and want to try this on the kids. A great new way to get them to eat eggs!


      1. I think we all meant to ask, what do you mean? And how do you do that drive bbq sticks into the end. How do we do that? Do you maybe have a photo or video to show how to do that? Thanks!


      2. After weaving your bacon.. take your long skewer and go under then over first piece of bacon.. then repeat tell your all the way to the end.. like stitching.. now when you role your bacon up the stick is in the middle.. slightly pull back skewer and fold the end sealing the roll. Then push skewer threw to hold that end.. now push a little farther so you can fold the other end.. push skewer back and even it out.. this will hold your ends. I did this on just 2 sides of the roll.. the front side I left alone and baked skewer side down to hold


  3. I wish there was a full/real video and not that blocked up instagram non-sense. I’ll have to try and figure out what these directions mean in regards to the toothpicks/BBQ sticks. Something tells me it’s going to be trial and error since these directions aren’t clear about what to use where. I guess I’ll find out.


    1. I see a lot of questions about the bbq sticks and trying to visualize that without a video and I’ll say this that may help a tad. I’ve seen many recipes with bacon weaves (made bacon explosions in the smoker… Unimaginably delicious) and have never seen the bbq stick recommendation. Having done this type of thing a few times, I can visualize it, but it is rather hard to explain. But if you go slowly and patiently enough through the roll (having another set of hands helps too), you can do it without the sticks. Point being, mastering that particular portion of the recipe does not your breakfast sushi make or break. I’m inclined to try it though, because it could make it a bit easier and consistent all the way across. Either way this thing looks amazing and I’m in. Is it really thawed and UNcooked tots and not like, cooked or half-cooked?


  4. Love this & cannot wait to try! Thanks for the detailed explanation on pushing the bbq sticks through…I was able to get a visual! Have you tried it with turkey bacon as a pork alternative?

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  5. I think what the OP is saying is that you run a skewer through the bacon weave in the opposite direction that you are rolling up the roll. It should provide a little rigidity to help support the roll. If your skewers are long enough, you can use them to pinch the ends. So if you skewer is in the middle, just back it out in one direction, fold the top down, and run the skewer through the top and bottom piece. Now repeat for the other side. You might not need the toothpicks if you use that method. I’m going to try to make this in the morning.


    1. I just watched a video called Breakfast Sushi that was made with just meat and bacon. I think using the ingredients of this recipe with a little breakfast sausage added into the mix would be great.
      The one I watched used a regular sushi rolling mat instead of the skewers and you don’t even need to weave the bacon. Just place your tin foil over the sushi mat. Lay the strips of bacon down lining them up tightly next to each other. Fill in any place you can see foil, you don’t want any ingredients leaking through. You will probably use more than 10 pieces of bacon but who cares. Place the ingredients on the bacon, leaving a little bacon exposed on each end so you can fold them in to keep the cheese from melting out. You can use toothpicks on the ends to secure them if you like but they are not necessary. Using a sushi rolling mat makes it much easier to roll. You can buy the mats at most stores, I think you can even buy them at Wal-Mart.
      Happy Rolling!


  6. My husband and I made this and it turned out great. We cooked the tots before then mashed them with the eggs and jalapeño in a bowl, creating a paste. We didn’t have the BBQ stick things. With two set of hands rolling it was made possible. 🙂


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