mac and cheese on a stick

Mac and cheese on a stick
Mac and cheese on a stick

This was just fun!!!!!


1 box mac and cheese or home made

1 chicken strip

1 corn dog stick

1 small bag flaming hot cheetos

1 cup pancake batter

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Start by putting stick in chicken strip, set aside

Make mac and cheese and add cheddar cheese to help hold together.

On paper plate  crush cheetos

Mix pancake batter in large bowl

Take tin foil and lay on counter. Take 3 large scoops on mac and cheese  (still hot) and make a bed for chicken strip

Lay chicken with stick on mac,then cover with about 3 large scoops of mac and cheese

Lightly form with spoon And let cool about 15 minutes

Use a plastic sack to for mac to corn dog shape. It should be cool enough to handle.

Place in freezer for about 1 1/2 hours. This help set the outside of the mac and cheese

Cover mac and cheese with batter. I used a spoon so it wouldn’t fall apart.

Cover with cheetos

Deep fry at 375 tell golden, about 10 minutes

Set on paper towel to remove oil.


Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich

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