horn dog

The horn dog
The horn dog

The crunchy flavor and crispness of the tater tot will change how you have your corn dogs forever!

Pepper jack cheese stuffed tight in a dog,then wrapped tight and packed with tater tot.


1 cup broken tots

1 egg

1 dog

1 stick

1 condom medium

1 piece pepper jack cheese

Start by taking a large straw and make a whole in the dog.

Place cheese on strick and wedge it in the dog

Take condom and un wrap wash,and place over shot glass. Start stuff g tot in shot glass, make hole in the middle and place dog.

Pull condom up and stuff with tots tell you cover the dog.

Use your hand and work the tots and squeeze packing as you go.

After you get to the top twist end of condom and pull out of shot glass.

Gently shape dog and smooth out.

Place in freezer for about 2 hours to harden the outside.

Take condom off and throw in deep fryer.


For short video check out my instagram account @tymbussanich

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