Reese’s pieces doughnut

Reese's pieces doughnut
Reese’s pieces doughnut

Why why why!!!!

The answer. I don’t know

I have seen people stuff all kinds of things inside doughnuts. Buy never fry with the ice cream in them. So off on my latest mission.

I started by making fresh dough.. 100’s of recipes online..

I stretched out just a little bigger then the Reese’s pieces sandwich.

Then place Reese’s on top and covered with 2nd dough..

I folded and sealed.

Deep fried at 375 tell golden brown flipped and did it again..

Placed on towel, put frosting and placed back in freezer for 20 minutes…

You can go longer to re freeze the ice cream but I wanted the ozzzzzeeeeee affect for my video..

You can see short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich

Or check out my Facebook page Tym bussanich productions


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