s’more french toast roll

S'more french toast roll
S’more french toast roll

Yep!!!!! I found another way to deep fry breakfast.

Was simply amazing and simple..


1 small tub marshmallow fluff

Peanut butter

1 pack gram cracker crushed

12 slices bread

3 eggs

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 cup milk

2 chocolate bars

1/4 cup powder surgar

Start by rolling out bread

Then coat with marshmallow fluff

Then coat with peanut butter

Roll tight

After there all done set aside

Mix eggs,milk and cinnamon

Set crushed gram crackers in front of egg mix

One at a time roll in eggs then gram crackers.

Set aside once all done.

Now you can either cook on stove top or deep fry.. I deep fried

375 tell golden brown..

Then I garnished with powdered sugar and chocolate..

For short video check out my instagram account @tymbussanich


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