mo’s cannon beach oregon

Monster shrimp salad
Monster shrimp salad

The amazing views from the deck was enough for me to enjoy a great meal.

The smell of the ocean. And the slight breeze and friendly atmosphere was well worth the trip.

Mo’s is located right on the beach in cannon beach oregon..

There was so much to enjoy.

The walk on the beach. Giant rocks sticking out of the ocean.. and the people! A must if you ever plan on visiting oregon..


The first dish I enjoyed was a towering shrimp salad.. so big there is enough for 2.. if your watching your waste line it’s a must..

2 image.

Mo’s famous clam chowder.. now they barked about how good it was and I was a little worried about that..

But the portion size was good.. and the chowder was amazing..

Sitting ocean front enjoying such a dish almost had me ready to move to oregon.. simply amazing

Image 3

Mo’s fish taco’s

Omg omg omg!!!

Fish was  poked perfect and not over spiced  who doest love a good fish taco.. well it was great.. I was so close to the water I about released the fish back to mother nature..

Image 4

Seafood sliders

Well as a foodie I wanted something different

And when they told me about the seafood slider!! It was a must that I would have to try..

The dish came with 3 sliders loaded with seafood. A plate full of fries or coleslaw

Amazing! !!!

My trip to mo’s was everything I was promised.. and if I ever make my way back to oregon.. and get a little hungry

Mo’s will be a spot that I will make any excuse to visit

Happy eating


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