mega Tsunami pastrami

Mega Tsunami pastrami
Mega Tsunami pastrami


It’s hard to impress me… especially when it comes to monster foods…

But a fun little trip down to seaside oregon had me dancing in my pants…

Strolling down the street heading to the beach I ran across this poster stand on the side walk..

I looked… said to myself… well they can’t be right…

So I walked inside and asked the staff… do you really make your sandwiches that big..

He grinned… yesssss


Do you make it as good as that picture????

He said yessssss!!!!

Well then… hook a foodie up!!!

So as I stood there watching this monster being born. I thought to myself… I hope it’s as good as it looks..

After a few short minutes.. but felt like hours

My baby was born…

And woooooooooooooooooow

Freaking amazing… soooo good

I can’t explain but hands down the best pastrami I have ever ate…

More sandwich then one man should eat but will.. a must!

Want to watch a short video of it being constructed.. check out my instagram account @tymbussanich

Or Facebook Tym Bussanich productions

You want to go check it out your self . Google Tsunami seaside oregon..

It’s a must try if your ever on the oregon coast


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