percolator corn

Percolator corn
Percolator corn

The idea came to me at work one night!

My Co worker brought his percolator in and made us some coffee..

And it was amazing. Way better then any coffee I have ever had.

Then I started to think???

I wonder if I could put food in it!!!

Well yes you can.

Now I had to modify a stainless ring with holes in it so the food would stay off the bottom..

Completely custom piece. But the percolator is something you can buy..


1 2 inch stainless ring ( that fit bottom center of percolator) with slots cut on bottom

4 ears of corn

3 cups butter

2 slices bacon

1 thick slice onion

About 3 cups water ( to cover 1/2 inch over ring)

2 table spoons Johnny seasoning

1 table spoon parsley

Husk and clean corn. Cut into 3 equal parts

Place ring,butter and water In Percolator

Space corn around the sides, setting on the ring

Add coffee attachment place bacon and onion in tray.

Covor it all up and cook.

On high for 15 minutes

Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich or check out my facebook page Tym bussanich productions



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