fiery chicken pizza fries

Fiery chicken pizza fries
Fiery chicken pizza fries

Wooooooooooow…… why didn’t I do this before!!!!

My journey begins at a trip over to burger King to pick up 3 boxes of fiery chicken fries.. which cost me about 13 dollars…

Then off to the store to pick up some pepperoni,sausage,bacon,cheese,Canadian bacon and pinapple..

Then I started by layering my food.. first was the fiery chicken fries.. then a bunch of mozzarella cheese..

Then I put some pepperoni, Canadian bacon,sausage and bacon..

Then another handful of mozzarella cheese and finished with pinapple..

Cooked for about 10 minutes and served. .

Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich or check out my facebook page Tym bussanich productions



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