The Meat Muffin


I believe usher himself named a song after this muffin.. It was called O.M.G

This was unbelievable..

Foodporn at its highest level!!!


1 can pillsbury biscuits

1 small sack Johnsonville meatballs

1 JAR marinara

3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Start by taking your meatballs and marinara and cooking low heat.. everything is pre cooked so your just warming..

Stretch biscuits…

Add big pinch of cheese..

Add 2 meatballs

And another huge pinch of cheese

Pinch ends together.. and if there is room! Stuff with more cheese….

Grease cupcake pan.. I use pam spray

Place seam side down

Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes tell golden brown

Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich

Or check out my facebook page Tym bussanich productions


One thought on “The Meat Muffin

  1. Latins love our enyucados. Mashed yucca with ground beef and cheese in the center, rolled into a tube shape, breaded and fried. There about the size of two tater tots end to end…


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