Nutella stuffed oreo’s

Nutella stuffed oreo's
Nutella stuffed oreo’s

If I ever had the urge to make love to a cookie!! This would be it!!!!

Oreo by itself is amazing… but when you stuff it with Nutella!! Mind blowing

Some day I will be walking threw the store and I will see stuffed oreo’s.. and think to myself I might have had something to do with it..

I love stuffing great foods with other great foods…





take top cookie off oreo..

Take knife and cut dime size shape in the middle..

Peel off bottom cookie

Pop out center cut out..


Add 2 creamy center.. stack

Holes don’t need to be perfect…

Place on 1 cookie

Shovel in Nutella

Add top cookie

Take pictures and share with the world…

Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich

Or check out my facebook page Tym bussanich productions


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