Mac and cheese stuffed mac and cheese

Mac and cheese stuffed mac and cheese
Mac and cheese stuffed mac and cheese

An angel has fallen from heaven and landed on my plate!!!!

If there was ever a time In my life were I create something so beautiful and sexy…

Today was it!!!!

I took 2 of the same dishes and stuffed them together for the best foodporn ever!!!!

The idea came upon when walking threw the store and I came across these huge shells.. and thought to myself! Wow I could stuff some cool things into them!

So my journey begins….


1 box large jumbo shells

3 cups mac and cheese or 1 box

Lots of good recipes online!! But will never get my secret mac and cheese sauce.

Cook large shells.. set aside and roll tight and let cool.. this helps to keep its form..

Cook normal size mac and cheese!! Home made or box!!

Stuff small mac into jumbo shells.. make sure not to over stuff them.. want to be able to close large shells..

After that’s all stuffed set aside..

Make cheese sauce in pot!! Lots of great recipes online.. like I said mine is secret..

Take stuffed shells and mix in sauce.. Cook on low.. everything is pre cooked so we are just warming…

Short video on my instagram account @tymbussanich

Or check out my facebook page Tym bussanich productions


5 thoughts on “Mac and cheese stuffed mac and cheese

  1. Your recipe for mac and cheese looks great. I really would like to know what you do for your cheese sauce. I have never seen it done so fantastic looking. Please!! RECIPE


  2. 😥 I came to this website looking specifically for the mac and cheese sauce. It looks so good…. so…. perfect…… 😥 Please share…. (even if its only with me 🙂 haahaa


  3. When I saw the short clip that someone shared on Facebook, I was mesmerized. Mac and cheese is my all time favorite meal. So needless to say I never clicked a link so fast in my life so I could get your recipe. I’ve never seen Mac and cheese sauce like this before and I would love to try it. With all do respect, I don’t understand why you won’t reveal your recipe. It’s not like you own a restaurant chain and by giving out the recipe you would lose money. Plus I’m sure we live no where near each other. Again I’m not trying to be disrespectful. I know it’s your right if you don’t want to give out the recipe but then why share this dish on the Internet at all?? Please reconsider.


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